How We Increased a Client's Google Impressions by 400%

How We Increased a Client's Google Impressions by 400%

We were working on a standard review of one of our charter bus clients last week. The charter bus industry is expected to decline by 8.9% due to Covid-19’s impact so they were reviewing their spending on marketing services. We were prepared to see huge declines in Google impressions due to Covid-19 from when they started SEO, however, that’s not what we saw!

Let’s get right to it and then I’ll tell you what we did to achieve this. Impressions on Google increased by 400% over the last three months compared with the same number of days from just before they started SEO.

400%! That means their website was seen on Google for people doing local searches for their service many more times than before they started doing any SEO.

The increased visibility on Google resulted in a 650% increase in leads from search engine traffic!

How did we achieve this and set this client up for high-quality traffic well into the future? We created specific local content for the areas they serve and the services they do. We call them CityRank pages. It’s no secret that you need local and specific content to rank better in Google and other search engines and that’s what our CityRank pages are designed to do.

We also did OnSite SEO for their website pages. Each page on their website was targeted for relevant search terms and areas that they wanted to rank better in.

The only real difference between CityRank pages and OnSite SEO is that OnSite SEO updates an existing page on your website and a CityRank page is a new page on your website. Once we do the initial research and understand the intent of the page, we:

  • Update the page title
  • Update the meta description
  • Add or update 3 headings per page
  • Optimize the URL

And for CityRank pages, we write 400+ words of content for the page from scratch and then post it along with a call-to-action header to their website.

Both of these services are great because they generally will provide strong rankings and impressions long after the content is posted, and the client only pays one time for it! That generates a great return on investment (ROI) for them.

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