Webmaster+ Plan Overview

Webmaster Services For WordPress Sites

Lighten your burden of being a professional/business owner and a webmaster by letting us handle your hosting, updates, security and period website updates.

What is our Webmaster+ Plan?

The Webmaster+ Plan is a comprehensive service package designed to streamline and enhance your website’s management. From regular updates and tweaks to ensuring optimal performance, the Webmaster+ plan takes care of it all.

It’s like having a dedicated team in the background, making sure your website runs smoothly and effectively, all bundled into one convenient plan. In summary, our plan offers:

  • Secure WordPress Hosting: Online storage for your website content.
  • Backups: Your website data is safely backed up.
  • Security Monitoring: Continuous security checks to protect your site from vulnerabilities.
  • SSL Certificate Included: Every site we host is SSL-secured, which builds trust with your visitors.
  • Website Updates: Get 12 hours per year for website updates, and a discounted rate thereafter.
  • Customer Support: Get priority email support for any queries or issues you may have.
  • Discounts on Additional Products: Enjoy discounts on additional products such as Blogging, Review Management, and SEO services.


Beyond ensuring your website’s safety and accessibility, this service entitles you to 12 hours of expert support annually for various website updates. Whether you need to revise pricing, refresh service descriptions, post new blog content, showcase new products, update staff bios, or change promotional details, we’re here to help.

Just send us an email detailing the modifications, and our Webmasters will promptly implement the changes, confirming with you once they’re live. Dive into effortless website management—it’s that straightforward.

How Webmaster+ Plan Keeps Your Coffee Shop Connected and Current

Imagine you own a bustling coffee shop and have recently hired a new barista. To accommodate their schedule, you need to update your business hours on your website. With the Webmaster+ Plan, you can quickly send an email detailing the change. Within just a few hours, usually much less than a day, the update is live on your site. This swift and efficient service means your customers are always informed, and your website accurately reflects your current operating hours, ensuring smooth business operations.

How The Webmaster+ Plan Streamlines Gym Hours Update

Imagine you manage a local gym and decide to extend your opening hours to cater to early risers and night owls. To communicate this change, you simply email the details under the Webmaster+ Plan. In no time, your website is updated, showcasing the new extended hours. This rapid update keeps your members informed and attracts potential clients looking for flexible workout times, illustrating the efficiency and responsiveness of the Webmaster+ Plan in keeping your gym’s online presence up-to-date with your dynamic business needs.