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Dominate search engine results pages by showing up for multiple keywords in multiple geographic areas using CityRank Pages.

What is Local SEO?

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Local SEO is an essential component of your website’s success strategy, significantly boosting its visibility in search results when prospective customers search for services in your designated service areas. Picture this scenario: when someone looks up a service like ‘dentist,’ search engines can automatically detect their location. Local SEO ensures that your website not only ranks prominently in your immediate city but also extends its reach to encompass nearby regions. Imagine the advantages of having potential customers stumble upon your site, even if they reside just a city or two away. This opens up new avenues to connect with a broader audience, as they are more likely to engage with your business, whether it’s by visiting your location or making a short journey to access your services.

Local SEO is the bridge that connects your business to local communities, offering a powerful means to attract and engage customers who are actively seeking your products or services within your target service areas. It’s a dynamic strategy that optimizes your online presence to ensure you appear prominently in search results when potential customers explore the internet for local offerings. By implementing effective Local SEO practices, you can secure a competitive edge, increase your brand’s visibility, and drive more qualified leads to your website, ultimately enhancing your business’s growth and success. 

What Are CityRank Pages?

CityRank pages are our solution to local SEO. These pages are landing pages added to your existing website that are designed to get ranked for a particular service AND an area/city.

You tell us the ‘topic’ you’d like to target, and we will perform keyword research, write, edit, and post the CityRank pages to your site for you*. Each page has at least 400 words and is optimized for at least 3 keywords/phrases related to the topic.

Each page also includes OnSite SEO setup:

  • Page title
  • Meta description
  • Up to 3 headings per page
  • URL optimization
  • Keyword and related keywords research

Building an Asset vs Pay-Per-Click

In the battle for online visibility, it’s crucial to understand the long-term value of building an asset versus the quick fix that Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising offers. While PPC can deliver immediate traffic, its benefits evaporate as soon as you stop funding the ads. On the other hand, investing in SEO and content creation adds value over time. Each piece of SEO-rich content acts as a lasting asset that continuously improves your website’s ranking and draws organic traffic, long after your initial investment.

This creates a sustainable advantage that translates into more consistent, long-term ROI, making it a smarter, more cost-effective solution for most businesses. For instance, we have a client in the fitness sector based in Washington State. They invested in CityRank pages nearly four years ago, and those pages consistently maintain a first-page ranking on Google search results.

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