Is Paying Someone To Do SEO Worth It?

Is Paying Someone To Do SEO Worth It?

The effectiveness of hiring an SEO company often hinges on their honesty and approach. Be cautious as some firms might claim to offer SEO services but actually use your funds for pay-per-click ads, which only provide a temporary traffic boost.

To be clear, PPC advertising works and it can be a very effective strategy, but it’s not actually SEO, or search engine optimization. True SEO enhances your website’s visibility over the long term.

How Much Should I Pay For SEO Services?

SEO services can range all across the board, and it’s typically the case where you get what you pay for. Meaning, if you’ve found the cheapest SEO solution, it’s probably not following best-practices and could even put your website at risk. It’s really important that you find an SEO company that’s been around for a while and has good reviews both from previous clients, and on review and rating sites.

Most importantly, make sure you know the clear cost of the service, and what specifically it comes with. We’ve heard too many clients tell us that even though they’re spending around $1,000 per month, they’re not even sure what they’re getting for it. This is most likely because it’s not worth it.

Can You Pay Someone To Do SEO?

While SEO can certainly be done by any individual, the choice to pay for it comes down to experience, effectiveness, and prioritization. Most likely, the service you provide as a company could technically be done by anyone, they just may take weeks, months or years to gain the skills that you have.

In addition there is a great benefit to going with an SEO Company that does search engine optimization for a living. Because they have the ability to see what is working and not working for dozens, or hundreds, of real-world clients and can adapt their approach and learn from it.

Do SEO Services Really Work?

There is no doubt that search engine optimization works. At the core, SEO is simply knowing what search engines are looking for, and creating valuable, accurate, content that includes these things. SEO is not magic, and it’s not a ‘switch’ that you can just turn on on your website – it’s a skilled science of what does and doesn’t work, which can change.

Should I Do My Own SEO Or Hire Someone?

The answer to this question largely depends on the company you go with. Some SEO companies will leave your website in a place that yes, it would have been better to not go with them, and just do SEO yourself – or in some cases, it would be better to do nothing.

If you have the time, and very little or no budget to hire a professional SEO Company, then at least do 10 minutes of research and make some small changes to your site. For example, if the page title for your home page is Home – ‘Company Name’, this is a missed opportunity when it comes to SEO. The title of each page is an opportunity to tell search engines, and site visitors, what that page is about.

If, by chance, you don’t know what is meant by page title… then YES, you should probably hire a professional to do your SEO.

How Much Does It Cost To Have Someone Do SEO?

This all depends on what your goals are for your site and where it’s at currently. We have SEO products starting at $100 per page that can make a huge difference when it comes to your site showing up more in Search engines.

At our SEO Company, we have chosen to prioritize the customers’ needs over our own. Meaning, most other options will only add SEO optimized content to your site once you’ve fully paid for it – this usually looks like doing a little bit each month for a fixed price.

We, on the other hand, will discuss your needs with you, and add the content over a few months, and allow you to pay for it over a much longer period. This means that you’re getting what you need up front, and paying for it once you’re already getting the benefit is a much easier thing to do.

What’s The Next Step?

Why wait any longer? Schedule a 15-minute introduction phone call with one of our SEO experts and discuss what topics you’d like to show up for more on Google. At the end of the conversation, we’ll plainly tell you if we can help, and what the investment will be on your part. As mentioned, we’ll even work with your budget and allow you to spread the payments out over time.